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Innovation | Equity | Accountability

I ran on this platform in 2013 and seek your vote in 2017 to continue to build on some of the great work that's been started, including some highlights below

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I HOSTED over Fifty Community Coffees so that CONSTITUENTS ARE CONNECTED

I LEAD the board's participation in the Atlanta Pride Parade so that ALL STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF KNOW THEY ARE SUPPORTED.

I BROUGHT innovative ideas forward for board consideration, including a TWO-WAY Customer Service platform and development of a specific African American Male Initiative TO ATTEMPT TO PROVIDE MORE ACCOUNTABILITY AND ENGAGEMENT WHERE IT IS CRITICALLY NEEDED.

I INITIATED, CHAMPIONED AND DEFENDED partnerships that deliver a better quality education to District One's most at-risk schools so that MANY OF OUR MOST DISENFRANCHISED STUDENTS RECEIVE THE MAJOR INVESTMENT THEY NEED, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  

I SUPPORTED equitable implementation of the International Baccalaureate or other Signature Programming throughout ALL clusters so that ALL STUDENTS HAVE ACCESS TO QUALITY GLOBAL STANDARDS OF LEARNING AND THE PUBLIC RECEIVES GREATER DISTRICT ACCOUNTABILITY.

I RE-IGNITED the Internal Compliance function which, when properly resourced, can bring enormous accountability and return on investment in the future so that THE BOARD'S OVERSIGHT ROLE CAN BE PROPERLY FULFILLED.

I SERVED diligently with inquiry and integrity on the following:  Accountability Committee, Chair 2014-2015, Audit Committee, Chair 2016-2017, Council of the Great City Schools, Board Representative, Atlanta Youth Commission, Beltline Affordable Housing Advisory Board, Fulton and DeKalb County Student Attendance Protocol Committee so that THE ATLANTA BOARD OF EDUCATION IS COMPETENTLY REPRESENTED.


I will focus on working to build a more effective, transparent Governing Process and work with my colleagues to ensure that investments in our schools are working for ALL of our students.

Before a June board retreat that was meant to focus on On-boarding the 2018 board, I drafted the attached plan. Feel free to let me know if you have further thoughts on this work!

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